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At Embrace Strength Counseling, we specialize in working with eating disorders, body image, anxiety, depression, self-worth, fertility and postpartum concerns, personality disorders, life transitions, and personal growth. We offer individual counseling for teens and adults, telehealth counseling, group counseling, and clinical consultation and supervision. We have evening and daytime appointments available!

Our team is passionate about providing effective counseling within a caring, authentic relationship. We strive to empower you to overcome whatever is holding you back from living the life you want to live. We want to support you in embracing who you are and living courageously.

Regardless of who you are, our therapists are here for you. We work from an inclusive, strengths-based approach. We aim for you to feel seen and heard and we believe everyone is deserving of respect, support, treatment, and recovery.  

We would love to chat and see how we can support you in living the life you want to live!

Catherine S. Tilford, MA, NCC, LPC, CEDS: Founder & Director

Doing What’s Right Even When It’s Hard

Growing up, my mother used to tell me that "sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing."  I have found truth and wisdom in this message at different points throughout my life yet have always struggled with it - wishing it weren't true somehow and wanting it...

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Exercise: How To Know If It’s Too Much of a Good Thing

How do you know when something that is meant to be healthy and life-sustaining becomes too much of a good thing and potentially dangerous to your health?  The weather is warming up and in Colorado that means I'm seeing more and more people outside enjoying the...

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Avoid Avoiding and Feel Better

Have you ever been afraid of doing something and the longer you avoided it; the more your fear grew?  Or maybe you felt depressed and wanted to hide from the world, and the more you withdrew, the more depressed you felt.  This happens because our emotions feed...

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Put “You” on the List this Valentine’s Day

Every year in February, it is hard to miss the reminders that Valentine's Day is quickly approaching.  Whether or not you celebrate the holiday, you are surrounded by the colors of pink and red, the flowers, the candy, and the cards every time you enter the grocery...

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