I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and eating disorder specialist providing individual counseling services to adults and adolescents in Westminster, Colorado. I care deeply about the people I work with and am passionate about supporting you in living the life you want. I believe you are strong and the expert of your own life yet I also know that we tend to get in our own way a lot and we all struggle with the pain and adversity that is part of life. Counseling offers the opportunity to explore what’s getting in the way and the support to take action towards your goals.

My specialties include:

Please take a look around this site to learn more about me, my approach, and my services. I offer a free consultation and would love to talk about how I can support you in living the life you want!

I strive to support people in their desire to live personally meaningful and fulfilling lives by helping them explore their life experiences and choose how they want to live through counseling.

Catherine S. Tilford, MA, NCC, LPC

Exercise: How To Know If It’s Too Much of a Good Thing

How do you know when something that is meant to be healthy and life-sustaining becomes too much of a good thing and potentially dangerous to your health?  The weather is warming up and in Colorado that means I'm seeing more and more people outside enjoying the...

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Avoid Avoiding and Feel Better

Have you ever been afraid of doing something and the longer you avoided it; the more your fear grew?  Or maybe you felt depressed and wanted to hide from the world, and the more you withdrew, the more depressed you felt.  This happens because our emotions feed...

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Put “You” on the List this Valentine’s Day

Every year in February, it is hard to miss the reminders that Valentine's Day is quickly approaching.  Whether or not you celebrate the holiday, you are surrounded by the colors of pink and red, the flowers, the candy, and the cards every time you enter the grocery...

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Goodbye Perfectionism, Hello Courage

I often notice themes running through my life and lately it has been the theme of perfection and my discomfort with being imperfect.  At the end of December, I moved in to a new office and between the holidays and the move, I feel like I can't catch up at home or the...

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