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At Embrace Strength Counseling, we specialize in working with eating disorders, body image, anxiety, depression, self-worth, fertility and postpartum concerns, personality disorders, life transitions, and personal growth. We offer individual counseling for teens and adults, telehealth counseling, group counseling, and clinical consultation and supervision. We have evening and daytime appointments available!

Our team is passionate about providing effective counseling within a caring, authentic relationship. We strive to empower you to overcome whatever is holding you back from living the life you want to live. We want to support you in embracing who you are and living courageously.

Regardless of who you are, our therapists are here for you. We work from an inclusive, strengths-based approach. We aim for you to feel seen and heard and we believe everyone is deserving of respect, support, treatment, and recovery.  

We would love to chat and see how we can support you in living the life you want to live!

Catherine S. Tilford, MA, NCC, LPC, CEDS: Founder & Director

Tele-what? Telehealth Counseling Services at ESC!

I grew up on the western slope of Colorado which was a beautiful, wonderful place to live and play. It's also where my eating disorder developed and flourished until I sought treatment years later during college in Denver. When I left Grand Junction for grad school,...

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Welcome Lisa!

I’m thrilled to announce that Lisa Mareb, MSW, LCSW, CEDS-S is joining the Embrace Strength Counseling team! Lisa is passionate about helping teens and adults develop a more fulfilling relationship with their mind, body, food, and spirit. She specializes in eating...

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3 Steps Towards Body Acceptance

We all have a relationship with our body.  The question is what kind of relationship is it?  Is it one of struggle and pain or acceptance and gratitude?  Many of us are at war with our bodies and the battle begins at a very young age.  This war comes at a cost to our physical, emotional, financial, relational, and mental well being.  If you want to change your relationship with your body, here are three steps you can take towards accepting your body exactly as it is.

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Back To Basics: Reflections on Motherhood

I recently returned from maternity leave and have been reflecting on how becoming a mother has reinforced some key lessons I learned on my own journey of recovery and that come up often in my work as a counselor. #1 – I Am Strong This became my mantra in recovery and...

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Self-Worth: Living from the Inside Out

It's February and I still can't turn on the TV without being inundated by advertisements for weight loss products, diets, and exercise routines.  It happens every year post-holidays as advertisers try to capitalize on New Year's resolutions and holiday guilt.  As a...

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