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The holidays can be triggering for a lot of us. Maybe you were sexually assaulted around this time of year. Maybe you were abused by a family member. Or maybe there was a tragic accident or death in the family. Whatever the reason, the holidays can be difficult.  As much as I wish that life was like a Hallmark movie, that is not the reality for a lot of people.

I grew up watching Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas (even as I write this I have a Hallmark movie on in the background). I love the excitement in the atmosphere. The decorations are exciting to put up and wrapping presents is one of my favorite tasks. I love to walk around the neighborhood and look at all the Christmas lights. But let’s be real — the holidays are stressful! There is a lot of pressure to spend the holiday with the family and to make it a picture-perfect event. Then there is the ordeal of shopping amongst crowds for that “perfect present”. That is how I got the idea for this holiday series. I wanted to write about how difficult the holiday season truly is for many people. I want to normalize the struggles that most of society ignores. 

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be publishing articles on a few “taboo” holiday topics. My goal is to remind anyone just trying to survive the holidays that they are not alone. I want to spread awareness and normalize things that may be hard to talk about during the holidays. I also want to normalize the idea that you can be bah-humbug towards certain holiday traditions while at the same time loving the holiday cheer! Just like the Fourth of July can be difficult for war veterans — with the loud noises and large crowds — Christmas can bring back painful memories that may leave you wanting the holiday season to end as soon as possible.

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