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Over the next series of posts, I want to introduce you to how I approach the different stages of therapy in my practice –  from the free initial consultation to ending the therapeutic relationship.

Once we’ve completed the free initial consultation and first session, therapy focuses in on your goals and what brings you to counseling.  The therapy hour is your space to safely explore themes, issues, and experiences that are important to you.  My approach to therapy is collaborative, in that, I do not assume that I know what is best for you or how we should get there.  I support you in moving in the direction you want to live.  The first session gives me an idea of where we need to go and this continues to evolve as we work together.  What each session looks like and how long you will be in therapy depends on many factors, including:

  • Your goals and what you hope to accomplish in therapy.  (I will create a treatment plan based on these goals which guides the general direction of therapy.)  This is a dynamic process and treatment goals may change as we progress through therapy.
  • Your strengths and personality (i.e. are you looking for a space to talk and process or are you action-oriented?).  There is not one “right way” to utilize therapy and you will find it most helpful if sessions seem relevant and true to who you are.
  • What you bring into the therapy hour each time we meet (i.e. what topics you bring up, what you want to focus on, the questions you ask, etc.)
  • How you spend your time outside of the therapy hour (i.e. are you interested in completing “homework” outside of sessions?  Are you applying what we talk about during session in your daily life?)

These are just a few of the factors that direct our work together in therapy.  As your therapist, I will also guide our sessions through the questions I ask and the themes and topics I highlight.  Therapy is a relationship, which means it evolves and shifts based on what the participants bring to the process.

Throughout therapy, I will check-in with you on whether therapy is meeting your needs and if we are going in the direction you want to be going in . . . Remember, therapy is your space!  I invite my clients to let me know if there is something that we are not discussing that they want to talk about or if one of their needs isn’t being met.  As the client, the more that you engage in the process – whatever that looks like for you – the more you will get from therapy.

My next post in the Stages of Therapy series will focus on what it looks like when we wrap up therapy.

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