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We are so excited to welcome Kate Kastens-Moylan to the Embrace Strength Counseling team! Kate graduated with her Master’s in Counseling Psychology in 2021 and went on to work in her own private practice for over two years. After noticing that she felt isolated and overworked, Kate made the decision to join our group–and we are so glad she did. Kate brings unique experience, insight, and warmth to our practice. Currently she offers individual counseling both in person and virtually, and will earn the title of LPC this year. To learn more about Kate, please read our Q&A below!

What made you want to be a therapist?

Starting at eight years old, I was often told that I was a good listener–I’ve felt like an empath since I was a kid, but I never really understood it until we started talking about career paths in school. I was always interested in the helping field, whether it was nursing, becoming a doctor, or working in mental health. Being a therapist just spoke to me, and I really honed in on it in high school. I never really wavered; I’ve always kind of known that this is what I’m meant to do. It feels like I’m supposed to be here.

How would you describe your approach to therapy?

“Collaborative” is the first word that comes up. I am not like the therapists you see in the movies; it’s not like you walk in and I’m scratching on a notepad and barely saying anything. It’s incredibly collaborative, but with that being said, I expect my clients to do the work. Our work together is open and reciprocal. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, but I love working with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) due its gentle and loving nature.  I enjoy the use of many different treatment modalities, ranging from  Existential Therapy to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). One of my favorite parts about this job is that I can make a blend of approaches for every client. It’s like a creative cocktail for each individual. 

I have been working to develop  my niche and have a lot of interest in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and “parts” work. I hope to one day specialize in IFS. Something else I’ve been thinking about a lot recently is the impact that our physical environment can have on our mental health. I have always enjoyed being in an organized space and the process of organizing, and am intrigued to use this in my work with clients to assess the effect that spaces have on one’s well-being.

What kind of clients and issues are you most passionate about working with?

I have done a lot of work with clients struggling with anxiety and depression, as well as trauma. I enjoy the process of guiding my clients through their own therapeutic process of learning and understanding their own symptomatology and thought processes on a deeper level. I am passionate about so many different things in this field, and a big interest for me is trauma work. I really like to dig deep with my clients, and I see “parts” work as a way to do that.

What strengths do you bring to this work?

I enjoy balancing my natural strengths of authenticity and empathy with my therapeutic skills. I try to be as authentic as I can with clients. I hold space, and I’m human too. Therapy is scary! It’s not fun to talk to a stranger about the difficult parts of your life. It can feel  so uncomfortable and awkward.I name this  with clients, validating their feelings about the therapeutic process, and  I really work to emphasize and frame the therapeutic space with clients, as we layer the foundation of our work together.  

If you could help your clients to feel or learn one thing in working with you, what would it be?

I want my clients to leave our work together feeling cared about, understood, and supported. Unconditional positive regard is something that is deeply important to be.

What drew you to Embrace Strength?

First of all, I love the cohesive, collaborative care, as well as being surrounded by strong, brilliant, empowering women. Additionally, I see body image concerns and maladaptive eating patterns with most of my clients- especially women. The opportunity to learn and receive more support in this area just felt like too great of an opportunity to pass up. 

I loved the practice that I had worked so hard building, but I will not deny how challenging it was to run a business and juggle the role of therapist simultaneously. As therapists, we hold some of the heaviest burdens with our clients. It is integral that we check in with ourselves and do the work to fill our cup back up so that we can continue pouring from it. Support and community was something that I felt was lacking and without it, I could only fill my cup so far. The support and community that Embrace Strength offers is exactly what I needed. It is going to provide so many positive benefits as I continue growing as a therapist, and I have learned and challenged myself so much already. 

What do you do outside of work that helps you maintain a healthy, well-balanced life?

I have recently become more interested in gardening, and this has been fun to explore. I also enjoy cooking, baking, and the Denver live music scene. I do find myself turning on The Office or a reality show to decompress and disengage from time to time.  

If you weren’t a therapist, what would you be doing? 

Ooooh, that’s a great question. I lean toward nursing, but I wonder how well I would do  handling the yuckier aspects that the job entails. I feel that I would find myself squeamish fairly quickly, and it would probably be downhill from there.  I think I would still be in the helping field though, and definitely working with people- whether it be teaching or being a professor at a university, or working as a school counselor supporting students.  

If you are interested in working with Kate, please send us an email at info@embracestrengthcounseling.com to schedule a free phone consultation